The 5 Main Aspects of Effective Communication pictureMeeting is one of the communication accesses in the business world. It is a good way to inform any kind of important information that have to be delivered to all employees in forming comprehensive work plan or evaluating project. There will be an interaction between a meeting leader and the participants of the meeting in a discussion as the main activity on a meeting. That is why, it is important for meeting leader in having a capability to create an effective communication. This capability is closely related to effective meeting which will be much influenced by an effective communication, and at last the goal of meeting will be caught in effective meeting.  Based on the previous sentence, effective communication stands in the first aspect in building an effective meeting.  Integrity is the base aspect in creating effective communication. In this case, a leader has to be capable to do something in a good comprehensive standard. In fact, there are respect, empathy, audible, clarity, and humble (the 5 main aspects) as the other important aspects in creating effective meeting. It is important to reach attention, love, interest, care, sympathy, feedback or positive response from another person as the essential of the communication process.

Every single human being is always longing to get respect and being an important person. It has same idea with psychological statement from William James, a psychologist, that the base characteristic of human being is a necessity of respect. It also has the same concept with communication theory that the base principle in influencing the others is giving an honest respect. Those basic information make “respect” becomes the first aspect that has to be concerned well. It can be practiced on the meeting activities, for instance; criticizing, arguing, or giving a warning in a proper way which deliberately concern about the other’s self-regard. By having a good communication, it will be easier to conduct a meeting as effective as possible in getting a problem solving. Then of course it also creates a great teamwork which is followed by better work effectiveness in individual and group.

One aspect which closely relates to previous aspect (respect) is humble. Because respect will appear from the pure humble. Humble can be represented by some characteristics, among other are respectful, gentle, full of self-control, willingly to accept critic and to forgive,  be courageous to admit mistakes, and prioritize the greater importance. By having this aspect, it will make a meeting leader to make the participants easier to expose their idea, and forth a meeting will have a good atmosphere which leads in making a best decision.

The next important aspect in creating an effective communication is empathy. Empathy is an ability to place ourselves in the other’s situation or condition. In effective communication, empathy is reflected by capability in listening or understanding first before being listened or understood by the other. It is going to create many valuable benefits when it is applied to a meeting. It will make a meeting leader becomes better to deliver the message; and at the same time make the participants of the meeting to receive the information in easier way. In addition, by having empathy a leader have a greater chance to understand the employee’s characteristics, their needs, wish, interest, even their problem. Empathy creates openness and trust. Then of course it will increase the teamwork performance as the goal of business world.

Discussing about an effective communication in a meeting, it will creates another discussion about meeting leader as speaker, participants as receiver of the message, and of course the information as the message that has to be discussed. For the message as the main thing of a meeting, it has to have clarity aspect. The message or information has to be clear; and have no multi   interpretation that will make the participant of the meeting get difficulties in catching the main point of the message. In addition, clarity can be described as transparency. In fact, transparency is an important thing to create trust in communication. It also can be a useful thing to avoid suspicious feeling which will rapidly reduce the spirit and enthusiasm of the meeting and teamwork.

The last aspect of an effective communication which again relates to the information as the message of a meeting is audible. A meeting is consisted of many participants who discuss a problem or work plan. By considering this factor, a meeting leader has to concern about the message which has to audible for all the participants of the meeting. Audible message means that the information is really needed to be arranged in such a way so it can be seen and listened easily.  The information can be delivered in a better way by using technology device such as audio visual devices and internet which will make the information is available for many people. Then of course a meeting will run easier, more effective and efficient.

In short, a meeting needs a leader who has a capability in creating an effective communication as the main factor of effective meeting. Then it is important for a meeting leader to have five main aspects of effective communication in addition to integrity as the base aspect of. The five main aspects are respect, humble, empathy, clarity, and audible. These aspects will affect a lot for a meeting leader in delivering message and conducting a meeting in a better way.

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