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In our working area, we must socialite with others people. We have co workers and of course boss. As we know there are so many people with different characters in our working area. The different characters can trigger some conflicts and problems between us with our co workers and even our boss. Especially for the boss, we know sometimes we can just follow their words, although we know that words are different from our minds and hearts. A boss tend to be egoist and selfish as he just manage his employers. Here are some ways to deal with an egoist and selfish boss in our working area.

The first way to deal with egoist and selfish boss is that try to be what you are. Do not be affected by his attitude. Just be positive. Share what you feel and face concerning your boss especially for your immediate family and closed friends. They can become a friend for you to face your hardest time with your boss. Remember, sharing can avoid us of being sick. Take some days off if you feel stress facing your egoist boss. Stress can trigger depression. If your boss invades you irrationally, ask him to give some explanations. Maybe your boss will understand about his weakness and maybe he will get some understanding from you. Try to be consistent on your work and try to gives your best at it. Deliver your ideas to your work. Try to finish your work at office because the company just will give your pay because of your works at company. Maybe they will not give you additional salary if you bring your works at home. Avoid of giving any reports to another boss at your company. For example to a person who has higher position than your boss at your company, as you still do not know if the person will be a friend who will look over you or not. Maybe this will be a bigger problem for you. Try to share the problem with your friends. Ask them if they got the same things with you. If yes, maybe you can share the best way to deals with the problem. If your boss gives you some inequitable critics related to your work, do not be confronted with the critics. Do not try to search who is right and who is wrong. Be calm and find the best solution quietly.

Actually we can found many different people with different characters wherever we go, especially in our working place. Some of them maybe are selfish and egoist. Try to use the way above to deals with the people with the characters.

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